What is Pizza stone and how to us it? | Must read guide

What is Pizza stone and how to us it? | Must read guide

What is a pizza stone?

When you hear the term pizza stone, if you don’t know what is it, you’re intrigued. Someone mentioned the words pizza stone to me a couple of years ago. I didn’t know what one was at the time so I enquired and discovered that it’s one of the most important pieces of equipment bakeries use for baking.

Pizza stones can absorb heat and release it slowly while being able to resist very high temperatures. Stone baking is an ancient craft and today is used to produce the best bread, pizzas, pies and even pastries.

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So, how do you use a pizza baking stone?


How to use the pizza stone?


Now that you know what is pizza stone also known as a bbq pizza stone let’s talk about how to use it.

Bake the pizza stone in the oven first, ensuring the pizza stone is positioned correctly on the steel wire serving rack, place it into the middle of a cold oven. If you’re using a bbq or a grill place the pizza baking stone centrally so that when you heat it, the heat will circulate evenly within in the closed environment.


Pre-heat your oven, grill or bbq with the large pizza stone (from cold). Set the temperature to 500 F or 260 C. Once the oven, grill or bbq is preheated so is the baking stone. Depending on the type of baking apparatus this can take about 15 - 20 minutes. The important thing is to create an environment which is really hot! Please always remember to put safety first and use oven gloves when handling hot baking equipment to avoid injury.

Make a pizza

While the oven is heating, make your pizza on the bamboo pizza paddle. Lightly sprinkle some flour onto the paddle before you place your pizza dough base on it. This is so that it will easily slide onto the pizza stone when you come to putting the fresh pizza onto the pizza stone in the hot oven, hot grill or hot bbq. 

Once you’ve made your fresh pizza on the pizza paddle with all of your favorite pizza ingredients, carry the pizza on the paddle to the oven. Remember to wear pizza oven gloves.

Hold the pizza peel or pizza paddle firmly and don’t allow the pizza to slide off before you’ve got it near to the pizza baking stone. Get the pizza into the hot oven. Slide the pizza onto the hot cordierite pizza stone and close the oven.

Bake your homemade pizza until the crust has risen and browned and the cheese is lightly browned and bubbling. The time this takes varies depending on the thickness of the pizza dough base you rolled out earlier.

At this point, your excited eyes and your anxious taste buds will give you a good indicator to when the pizza pie is perfectly baked so feel free take a look every so often to see how it’s coming along.

Once cooked or baked to perfection switch off the oven. Using a metal spatula and the pizza paddle remove the pizza from the pizza stone.

Enjoy your delicious pizza! 

Delicious pizza using BKC pizza stone


Once the oven has fully cooled down to room temperature, remove the pizza stone from the oven, lifting it with the serving rack handles. Use oven gloves to be safe.

Scrape off any excess food on the pizza stone. You can wipe it with a slightly damp cloth, but just be sure that the stone is completely dry for the next time you use it.

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