What is a Pizza Stone

What is a Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is a baking stone designed for cooking pizza. The most common and best pizza stones are made of a stone known as Cordierite. However, you will also find some made from ceramic or salt.  

Pizza stones can absorb and store heatand are known to be poor heat conductors. This means, when food or pizza is cooked on the pizza stone, it is less likely to burnPizza stones are a variation on hot stone cooking, which is one of the oldest cooking techniques known. Some chefs and pizza stone specialists recommend sprinkling flour on the baking stone to prevent the crust from sticking. 

Regular Ovens and grills were not made to cook pizza perfectly. The two of them do not have the right application of heat expected to make the outside layer firm and crispy without overcooking the all other aspects of the pizza. This type of cooking, where the heat transfer can be very slow, can lead to soggy or overcooked and burnt pizzas.  

A pizza stone changes the game by applying and transferring heat more effectively and evenly, whether cooked in a home oven or BBQ.  

When the pizza stone heats up, it will absorb, hold and store the heat.  At the point when the pizza is set on the stone, the outer dough begins to cook quickly, just like a normal oven.  

Using a pizza stone will give you a quicker cooking time as well a rustic, crispy and scrumptious crust.  

There is a story which is yet to confirmed as true, but certainly interesting. It is common knowledge that an American named Pat Bruno was the first inventor of the pizza stone. It has been rumoured that Pat was with an acclaimed cook book writer Julia Child when she was making pizza and she made a remark that a ceramic platform would help with a more crisper crust. Pat at this point had an epiphany which lead to the creation of the pizza stone. 

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